Thursday, April 10, 2008

Weekend Tourism

This weekend my coworker E took me around Hyderabad to see some of the sites. Now I can share the sites with you!
First we went to the Shiparamam Crafts Village where there were lots of bangles and beads:
Here's E and S with a lovely elephant there:
This is the goddess Durga. She's an incarnation of Shiva's wife and represents female strength:
There were lots of terracotta crafts at Shilparamam:
Then we went to a promenade on Hussain Nagar, the lake in the center of Hyderabad. In the distance you can see the famous Buddha statue in the center of the lake. When it was originally constructed, the boat taking it out to its pedestal tipped and the statue spent many years at the bottom of the lake. Finally, they dug it out and put it up. Oh and what's that? Yup, another rainbow....

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