Friday, April 25, 2008

I’d like to turn their story into a movie starring Eva Green and Hrithik Rashan

About 15 years ago Iz moved to India. Iz is a French woman who didn’t speak any Hindi, Telegu, or English. After her husband died suddenly she was left as a young single mother; she took up a friend’s offer to live with her in Hyderabad for a change of scenery and to start anew.
Vi is an Indian man from a traditional Hyderabadi family. As most educated Hyderabadis, he spoke Hindi, Telegu, and English. Fifteen years ago he was a bit of a playboy and was struggling with a business partner who was driving their pharmaceutical company into the ground.
During Iz’s first week here she joined a running club where she met Vi. While they couldn’t communicate directly, Vi managed to ask Iz on a date through a translating friend. Their date was spent with an English-French Dictionary serving as translator. At the end of their date, Vi turned to the E section. He pointed to three words: Episode, Epilogue, and Epic. Iz chose Epic.
Vi adopted Iz’s daughter and they now also have a son. Iz used her first husband’s life insurance benefits to buy out Vi’s business partner and to build a family home. Iz and Vi now run their own company and are very successful. They live with Vi’s parents like a traditional Indian couple and spend their summers in France with Iz’s family. Iz and Vi can now speak both French and English.

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