Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Things I miss about the U.S.

Walking down the street completely unnoticed. Anonymity.

Central Airconditioning.

Getting in my own car and driving myself wherever I want to go.

Traffic Rules.

Sidewalks and Crosswalks.

Knowing where and how to buy anything I want.

Understanding overheard conversations.

Listening and engaging in conversation without conscious effort.

Tank Tops.



Fresh Air.

Rinsing my toothbrush with running water.

Bad tv shows I'm too embarassed to admit I love.


Linda said...

We miss YOU! LD

Courtney said...

Things i miss about Living with Martha...

- Drinking heavily on a thursday
- Having someone to listen to my neurotic rants
- Developing a common understanding that "consulting" means "bullshit"
- Watching bad TV
- DVRing Oprah
- Her cooking is amazing and...all organic!

Bridget said...

WOW!!!! Your blog is amazingly helpful in knowing what to expect for my trip. Amazing photos, helpful text, funny stories. You rock, Martha! I sent your blog to the 2 ladies I will be traveling with too! YAY!