Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Awkard Americans

I recently attended a conference with about 100 attendees where there was an American woman on the panel. She had worked extensively with the Indian group on a long running initiative and this conference was the launch of the next phase. She gave her speech and then started tearing up and told us she had two sons at home. One was “homegrown” (her words, NOT mine) and the other adopted. We all sat there uncomfortable trying to figure out where she was going with this. Then she said “I love them both the same.” She proceeded to compare India to her adopted son and implied that she loved the country for “adopting” her. The tears started flowing and next thing I knew all the Indian men on the panel were also crying as the whole group hugged. Did I mention that this was at a conference? On a stage? With 100 people in the audience? Yeah, leave it to the American to make things incredibly awkward.

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