Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Crazy Dog Lady Room

When I found this amazing book on super duper discount I knew I had to buy it and frame the pictures to hang in some room some day (this was before the house hunting even began).  I had grand visions of golden ornate frames with photos of dogs lounging in them on a bright pink wall in a powder room with incredibly gaudy gold accents.  I imagined going all out in a small room and creating a space that would make me laugh and smile and would make visitors question my sanity.  After all, I'm not sure I want to be friends with people who can't handle a crazy dog powder room.

When we looked at our house, one of the things I fell in love with about it was this room:

 It may not look like much in those pictures, but to me, it was endless possibility.  It was an entire HUGE room dedicated solely to laundry, projects, and storage.  I could have a folding table!  No more dragging the ironing board out every morning!  We could line a wall with cabinets for winter coats or pantry items!  When  looking at smallish, oldish houses, a room of this sort is a gold mine.  So, upon moving in I decided to make it one of the first to tackle.  After all, if this was the project room, doesn't it make sense to get it in shape before tackling other projects?  So, I combined my vision for a crazy dog lady room with my vision for a super functional laundry/project/storage room and today I can finally see it all coming together!  It still has a long way to go for sure, but here is what it looks like this evening:

It is still in total chaos, but the walls are painted and my first two glamour dog shots are hung.  I have one of two giant wardrobe cabinets in place and my puppy cookie jar is looking down at me.  To "finish" this room I'll still need to put in the other wardrobe, install kitchen cabinets for food storage, fix that awful wall behind the washer dryer and hang a curtain to hide the appliances.  Long term we'll install a stackable washer dryer and a utility sink along with replacing the yucky sticky tiles with real ceramic ones and scraping off the yucky popcorn ceiling.  Still lots of projects to go, but at least one room in the house is starting to reflect my personality... even if that is crazy dog lady!

PS.  There was one casualty from this makeover... a crazy yellow dog:

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