Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bath Progress

The biggest bathroom in the house is in the hallway and looked like this when we bought the house:

green and yellow tile wall tile, tan floor tile, green bathtub, bisque toilet, lacy curtain, awful and old medicine cabinet and vanity.  It's a true gem!  However, I'm not particularly "into" bathrooms so spending lots of money replacing the tile and all the fixtures is not in the cards for now.  So, we're in the process of doing some surface updates.  First, that medicine cabinet HAD to go...
 Oops!  Apparently I made a big hole in the wall that led directly to the attic.
 So I covered it up with plywood and got some help hanging a frame on which we hung a nice big mirror:

Final step, a new light fixture to replace what I think may have been the original 1950's fixture...
 Look at it on, it works!
Ye, its still kind of a dated fixture style, but it was cheap and covered the existing hole so I didn't have to patch any drywall. There is a joke about cheap and easy here, but its escaping me at the moment...

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