Friday, February 13, 2009

Things I Can't Wait to Eat When I Get Back to the US (i.e. Hints for my Parents and Sister to Have the Fridge Stocked)

My sister arrives in Hyderabad early tomorrow morning (in fact, she's currently somewhere between Amsterdam and Mumbai) and as I've been thinking about all the delicious Indian foods I want to feed her, I've also started thinking about all the things that I want to eat when my plane lands back in the US in a few months. So, here's the list so far. It may reflect poor dietary habits and even poorer taste, but hey, I miss these foods!
-arugula and baby spinach salad
-fresh fruit and vegetables straight out of the garden without disinfecting
-cherry tomatoes, asparagus, and peas eaten directly off the vine in the garden... no washing required!
-Ellio's Frozen Pizza (yes, I know it's disgusting, but it was a special treat as a kid and I still love it)
-Procolino's pizza
-wood fired pizza from my Dad's oven
-homemade oven-baked crunchy topped mac 'n cheese
-cookies that I baked myself (ok, this one doesn't really count since I miss the baking more than the cookies)
-cheese, cheese, and more cheese... especially good cheddar, dubliner, and camembert
-Carr's water crackers (to eat shamelessly with the aforementioned cheese and fruit)
-good bread: chewy baguettes, crunchy whole-grain loafs, delicious rolls
-homemade biscuits slathered with butter and raspberry jam
-whole-grain pancakes with real maple syrup
-nice tart orange juice (the juice here is made with super sweet oranges)
-seltzer water

Ok, I need to stop now before I eat the entire contents of my fridge in a vain attempt to cure my cravings for the above foods, none of which are actually contained within my fridge.

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