Saturday, March 22, 2008

I've arrived!

After 24 hours of relatively painless travel, I have arrived in Hyderabad. My flight was the first international flight to arrive in the new Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. This means that all passengers on the plane were instant celebrities. We came off the plane to receive blessings, roses, champagne, honorary coins, and a full fledged cocktail party. Flashes were going off everywhere and reporters were circling to get you to make a comment on the new facility. Not a bad way to be welcomed into the country. Immigration, customs, and baggage claim was a breeze and I quickly found the incredibly kind Foster family who picked me up in the middle of the night on Easter Sunday and invited me into their home. I look forward to getting to know them better and starting the real adventure tomorrow! Here are some photos of the welcome we received:

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Linda said...

We are thrilled to hear about this great start to your adventures in India. What is the name of the local newspaper? Do they have an online version we can follow? Thanks for your posts. We really look forward to them.