Friday, February 29, 2008

Last Day of Gainful Employment

Today is officially my last day of work at the consulting firm I've been with for the past 3 years. It doesn't feel real that I won't be back on Monday and I don't think it will feel like more than a vacation until I'm settled into my new job in India. Besides finishing up an actual consulting project this week, I have written memos, organized data, and made a lot of powerpoint template slides. What I've realized while doing this is that I actually have learned a lot in my time here and have made valuable contributions. My intellectual capital can basically be captured in a 60 page powerpoint presentation, a 5 page memo, and some very well organized databases. That may seem like a depressing realization, but its not. Considering I knew nothing about the industry in which I've worked and couldn't use powerpoint, excel, or access when I started, I think its quite an accomplishment! I only hope that my successors will be able to benefit from the materials I've left behind for them.

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